Essential Oils And Breast Enlargement
Breast Enlargement

Essential Oils And Breast Enlargement

Essential Oils And Breast EnlargementOkay, so Im reading Samuel S. Epstein, MDs Publication Healthy Beauty: Your Guide into Ingredients into Products You Can Trust and Avoid to review it. Since Im not done with the book 13, this isn’t the review. I got somewhat annoyed in a paragraph from the book. And once I get annoyed, I’m compelled to blog.

Why did I get annoyed? First, because a citation wasnt right. This citationwas at Chapter 5, endnote 36, which has been the wrong reference. Okay, no big deal. But the citation was incorrect leads to the reason. So the reason that is main, and the reason, is as posing a hormone disturbance dilemma that is bodily, since lavender and tea tree oils are introduced. Dr. Epstein writes that they cause breast augmentation in young boys. That’s why I looked to see whether there was a new study besides one from years ago, I talked about at a blog at 2008.

essential oils used for breast enlargementAnd there’s not one cited the article before. And that article a report and gynecomastia link lavender and tea tree oils, but it is not conclusive. It’s not clear if the products contain variations, or tea tree and lavender oils. The article cites 3 episodes of breast growth that is enlarged. The case reported using a healing balm containing lavender oil. The 2nd instance reported using a styling gel and gel containing lavender and tea tree oils, but no info on a remain on skin merchandise. The 3rd instance reported using lavender scented soap and intermittent use of lavender scented lavender commercial lotions, both of which might well not have been lavender essential oil, but a synthetic lavender scent.

Now, laboratory tests have confirmed this lavender oil and tea tree oil have weak estrogenic and antiandrogenic activities. So I do not dispute the possibility this lavender and tea tree oils can be linked to undesirable breast development in young boys. But it’s a possibility. And I think that it’s more sincere to state that it’s a possibility, instead of scaring people.