Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips
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Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

Breast Augmentation Recovery TipsSurgery is a frightening word. Fortunately, breast implants are not the stuff of nightmares. Lets have a look. We promise not as bad as you think. How long does it take to recuperate? Well, it depends, every body is unique and different. You’ve to think about if you need saline or silicone implants, and if you want subglandular or submuscular implants. Dont worry. You schedule a consultation make these decisions SUPER simple and stress free.

Seriously though, about how long? Not so long as you may think. Breast augmentation is an outpatient operation meaning it just takes two hours or one, and you don’t need to sleep in the hospital. Before you realize it, you will be back resting at home. And contrary to the myths you may take heard. Hows that for fast? Lets be clear, though. Any operation in this way will cause discomfort and some pain. What’s the best way? Glad you asked. For starters, you don’t wish to lift something heavy for the first week. And, by heavy we mean more heavy than a jug of milk.

breast augmentation recovery tips to help youIn case home life or your job are physical, its going. Dr. Jones will yield you a list of light stretching routines you should follow during your healing period to make sure that your breast implants cause minimal pain and take maximal recovery.

Here are some more handy recovery suggestions to create your life a whole lot easier. Silicone sheets and scar cream might help minimize and reduce scars from the procedure. Exercise? Start with very slow walks after your first week of recovery, and gradually build up to more intense aerobic activity. As for the weights, wait in the LEAST 2-3 weeks to a month, and do not go heavy for a few months. Avoid tanning beds like the plague for 2 monthsthey create scars much more visible, and create all of your hard work go to waste! – Bigger implants have a tendency to hurt more, and so do under the muscle implants.

These are just general guidelines. Dr. Jones will tell you EXACTLY what to do and for how long, so do not perspiration it. What does a typical recovery look like? Again, everybody is different and theres no one size fits all answer. Nevertheless, heres a rough guide of what to expect. Days 14: Pain, distress, and swelling are common. Many people require medicine for pain management. Fluid retention might lead to temporary fat gain.