Abnormal Breast Growth
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Abnormal Breast Growth

Abnormal Breast GrowthLots of people choose to have breasts that are oversize, but some women obviously develop breasts that are bigger than any pair of saline or silicone implants controlled by the FDA. Gigantomastia, or breast hypertrophy, is a rare disease which causes the breasts to grow to completely huge proportionsmost physicians diagnose gigantomastia when the patients breasts consume 3% or more of their overall bodyweight. Since not a whole lot is known about gigantomastia, physicians have difficulty describing how breasts can grow to these huge sizes. Treatment for gigantomastia is sparse, with bodily hormone treatments in developmental phases and each case having distinctive characteristics.

Recognizing Gigantomastia – Gigantomastia was described by German physicians in 1948, and was mentioned by American physicians in the 1920 s. As was generally the case in pre scientific periods, ancient explanations for gigantomastia comprised witchcraft, curses, and work. The disorder can affect both breasts, but only one breast grows to an unnatural size. Gigantomastia can be divided up into 3 main classes: Virginal hypertrophy occurs in young females, typically around the time of their first phase. Breast growth is quite suddensome virginal hypertrophy patients report that the breasts climbed many cup sizes in a few days. This rapid growth is painful, as a result of tissue and skin extending.

what causes abnormal breast growthTreatment is complicated as a result of the patients. Gravid macromastia is connected with breastfeeding and pregnancy. Further complications of gravid macromastia include suppressed milk ducts and increased breast size with additional pregnancies. Adult gigantomastia has no obvious causes. Adult women of all ages may suffer from gigantomastia, and breast expansion can last for a couple of days to several years. Some cases of gigantomastia can be stimulated by extreme obesity and penicillamine therapy. Gigantomastia treatment is not very advanced, as researchers had trouble understanding this bizarre and painful disorder. The two fold treatment involves treating the existing breast mass and preventing it from growing even bigger.

Large scale breast reduction surgery removes excess tissue from the breastand in patients with gigantomastia, which may mean removing up to 100 pounds of expansion. Some surgeries also affect enlarged nipples and skin tearing that frequently occurs alongside gigantomastia. Certain cases of gigantomastia, like those related to breastfeeding, can be rather prolonged. Breast growth can happen for many years on end, or stop and re start because of a brand new trigger. Hormone therapy is usually used to counteract stubborn gigantomastia and stop breasts from continued expansion. Individuals with Gigantomastia – It should come as no real surprise that women with gigantomastia have a tendency to attract a lot of attention. Onlookers are shocked to see such big breasts, and the psychological effects can be damaging to people who are suffering from the disease. Soleil Moon Frye, kid actress of the hit eighties situation comedy Punky Brewster, began developing signs of gigantomastia as a young teen.